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First race of 2011 down! I should use the term “race” loosely. I did my normal workout on Saturday with the group and really my only goal of this race was to beat my husband. I know, I didn’t even tell him. Thankfully I saw Coach in the last quarter mile for a good kick to beat the hubs.

This next picture is ridiculous on so many levels.

One: the four of us were kind of lingering at the race, eating oranges and bananas, but mostly waiting for me to get into the mood to eat a hot dog. [Side note: hot dogs are my favorite food. For real.] Sadly, I could not stomach it. As we were walking out of the race, I hear my name announced as third place for my age group. I won a football. Okay, my husband likes to brag that I got third place, but let’s be honest. There just aren’t a lot of girls in my age group that are waking up on a Sunday morning and running. No. They are off having fun downtown the night before.

Two: The hubs and my friends had me standing in the middle of the road trying to pose like the Heisman trophy. I didn’t even do it right.


4 miles. 32:09


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The supportive hubbie.

The alarm went off for practice this morning at 6am. Thankful for the few extra minutes of rest, I wanted to savor it and sleep in a little more. You know, just a few hours. The hubs set his alarm for 6:10, the time where I definitely needed to be up and fumbling around in the dark for my clothes.

The hubs rolls over and asks, “What can I do to help you get up? Can I make your waterbottles? Can I start the shower?” Why I would ever take a shower before working out is beyond me, but that’s not the point. That was one of the nicest things he has done for me in a couple weeks and at six in the morning I was not appreciative in the least. (Remind me to tell you about walking in on my husband… Cleaning. Does not get much better, my friends.)

I made a mental note while hitting my marks on my tempo run to thank him later.

4 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo run (8:43, 8:42, 8:35, 8:18). No warm down (tisk, tisk). I stayed in the parking lot and stretched, drank my recovery drink and talked to the most senior runner in our group (70) and learned all about heart disorders. Motivated me to break out my new heart rate monitor, a Christmas present still in the box.

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