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First race of 2011 down! I should use the term “race” loosely. I did my normal workout on Saturday with the group and really my only goal of this race was to beat my husband. I know, I didn’t even tell him. Thankfully I saw Coach in the last quarter mile for a good kick to beat the hubs.

This next picture is ridiculous on so many levels.

One: the four of us were kind of lingering at the race, eating oranges and bananas, but mostly waiting for me to get into the mood to eat a hot dog. [Side note: hot dogs are my favorite food. For real.] Sadly, I could not stomach it. As we were walking out of the race, I hear my name announced as third place for my age group. I won a football. Okay, my husband likes to brag that I got third place, but let’s be honest. There just aren’t a lot of girls in my age group that are waking up on a Sunday morning and running. No. They are off having fun downtown the night before.

Two: The hubs and my friends had me standing in the middle of the road trying to pose like the Heisman trophy. I didn’t even do it right.


4 miles. 32:09


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The supportive hubbie.

The alarm went off for practice this morning at 6am. Thankful for the few extra minutes of rest, I wanted to savor it and sleep in a little more. You know, just a few hours. The hubs set his alarm for 6:10, the time where I definitely needed to be up and fumbling around in the dark for my clothes.

The hubs rolls over and asks, “What can I do to help you get up? Can I make your waterbottles? Can I start the shower?” Why I would ever take a shower before working out is beyond me, but that’s not the point. That was one of the nicest things he has done for me in a couple weeks and at six in the morning I was not appreciative in the least. (Remind me to tell you about walking in on my husband… Cleaning. Does not get much better, my friends.)

I made a mental note while hitting my marks on my tempo run to thank him later.

4 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo run (8:43, 8:42, 8:35, 8:18). No warm down (tisk, tisk). I stayed in the parking lot and stretched, drank my recovery drink and talked to the most senior runner in our group (70) and learned all about heart disorders. Motivated me to break out my new heart rate monitor, a Christmas present still in the box.

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twenty eleven: week one

In my effort to blog more about my running, wait, stop right there. BLOG MORE IN GENERAL. My first week back in a couple months was hard. I had the day off on Monday, so I was able to run a nice five miler and get a full weight circuit in. I slept through my alarm on Tuesday for group practice, so I left work while it was still light to get another five miler in. The next few days I worked longer days than I have ever worked (chalked up a sixteen hour day. yawn.) and it was pretty much impossible to get in a run. Saturday was a new day, and I found myself enjoying being back at practice. Even though it was on wood chips. Curses. Definitely hard to get back in the rythm of things, but I signed up for another half marathon today. My fifth. Wowwzerrss!! Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon, will you give me a PR?

Week One


Goal: 23

Actual: 17


Goal: twice

Actual: once

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I planned to take a couple weeks off from running and my running group after the half marathon. This turned into a month and then December was WAY. TOO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously, I can’t complain, but man, I had a lot to do! All fun stuff. It took everything in me to get back out there this morning since I used to be the slowest and now i’m even slower… awesome.

After practice this morning was a coach’s appreciation breakfast. We signed big posters for each coach- what did I write? “Thanks for making me fast enough in 2010 to join Group 1.” Group 1 is the slowest group. I was barely able to join it this year. ūüôā

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always coca-cola

It started out fairly innocent. Our garage was detached from our house growing up which is where the soda was stored in the second refrigerator. My mom would pack my lunch for high school and on my way out to school, I would grab a can of Safeway Select Cola. I would drink at least one per day during school and often choose to drink soda rather than most other drinks of choice in high school.

My affection towards soda did not slow down in college. There was a fountain soda machine in the dining commons, and I quickly became accustomed to RC Cola. The dining commons were positioned in a central location on campus and I would often swing by for a to-go cup on my way to or from class.

My junior year of college is when I became an intern at my current firm. A perk of the job? A stocked refrigerator with all the Coke I could ever want. I got three cavities after that tax season.

Not to be deterred, I would try to brush my teeth more regularly. When friends or family said I was addicted to soda, I would brush it off. I only had one a day, what’s the harm? They all drank coffee like it was their job. How was soda worse?

What’s worse is that when I really looked at how much I was drinking, it was always more than one a day. A lunch or dinner out always required a soda. A fountain soda. A fountain soda is usually bigger than twelve ounces and always gets re-filled. Lunch at my desk always required a soda, and a twelve-pack was usually at home. I always heard stories of people who drank a six-pack a day. I justified my drinking habits (I sound like an alcoholic) because I was not one of those people.

The truth is, I was twenty-six and highly addicted to the caffeine and sugar. January 24th, 2010 was the first day I stopped drinking soda. I can’t even tell you why. Part of it was I had just watched Food, Inc. and I was totally disgusted by High Fructose Corn Syrup. Part of it was trying to see if it really DID affect me since I was trying to become more serious about running.

(post-it at my desk to remind me of the date. yes, it’s ridiculous.)

I was just heading into the craziest time of the year, a time of year where I relied heavily on soda to get me through the day. I remember telling the two people I ran with on that Sunday that I thought I was going to quit. Go cold turkey. I didn’t even tell my husband until a week later.

I drank soda consistently for at least ten years. The month after quitting cold turkey was the worst experience. I can’t even imagine what it is like to stop actual drugs. Seriously. I craved soda ALL THE TIME. I had the worst headaches. I was tired all the time. I would see fountain machines (my personal favorite) and want to run up and stick my head underneath. Any Coke sign reminded me of the drink I knew and loved. It took a solid month before I finally began to not crave Coke all the time. I had made a lot of changes in my life with running and some other things and I was starting to feel like a new person.

I only crave Coke on occasion. Usually, I treat myself. I try to have authentic Coke if I indulge, you know, with real sugar, not HFCS.

I can’t believe it’s not a normal part of my daily routine.¬†I’ve never felt better.

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add new post.

The idea for this blog was a good one. Or so I thought. This blog was supposed to be a way for me to write what I wanted and not worry about my friends and family reading my blog. That’s weird, isn’t it? I should want them to read it verses a stranger, right? Truthfully, when I had my old blog, it felt like Facebook but, HELLO INTERNET TRAFFIC! I didn’t mind at first. In fact, it was a little exciting.¬†Then I started reading the statistics of who was reading my blog… all of a sudden I didn’t want all those random people looking at pictures from my Saturday night out.

So, where to go from here? I’m not posting because I feel too constrained by the title of the blog and when I do want to post, I want to post something more personal, like a story about a race I just ran. But what if someone googles¬†the name of that race and FINDS ME?! I sort of like the anonymity. For now.

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a shiny PR

I participate in¬†a 5K race¬†every Wednesday night during the summer.¬†There is one major problem with the previous sentence: race. That’s what I would try to do every week! I would try to go all out on Wednesday night and improve my time each week, coming off a hard practice on Tuesday mornings. I don’t exactly have a PR for a 5K because mediocre runners don’t really do that. I barely even know how to pace myself.

My trusty Garmin¬†has been a huge help and has kept my pace for the past few weeks. I saw my friend and asked her if she¬†wanted to¬†go the same pace as she usually did: 8:50s. She was game, and I set my pacer. We cruise up the hill and¬†were at a disappointing 9:15 for mile one. Not that I would ever be disappointed¬†with a 9:15, but I was trying to keep a pace of twenty-five seconds faster. We continue to chug up the hill as she makes remarks to me that, “my watch makes her nervous.”

As we begin down the hill, her co-workers try to pass her and her competitiveness doesn’t like it. We cruise past Mile 2 at a 8:26.¬†Nice! We are back to where we want to be, but¬†we just keep chugging along and at Mile 3¬†– 7:55. What! This course may be downhill on the way back, but that’s a solid improvement from the uphill.

I stop my watch at the finish line and look back, hoping that my friend sped down the last hill as well. She did, and she got a shiny new PR of a minute and a half faster.

Well done.

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