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First race of 2011 down! I should use the term “race” loosely. I did my normal workout on Saturday with the group and really my only goal of this race was to beat my husband. I know, I didn’t even tell him. Thankfully I saw Coach in the last quarter mile for a good kick to beat the hubs.

This next picture is ridiculous on so many levels.

One: the four of us were kind of lingering at the race, eating oranges and bananas, but mostly waiting for me to get into the mood to eat a hot dog. [Side note: hot dogs are my favorite food. For real.] Sadly, I could not stomach it. As we were walking out of the race, I hear my name announced as third place for my age group. I won a football. Okay, my husband likes to brag that I got third place, but let’s be honest. There just aren’t a lot of girls in my age group that are waking up on a Sunday morning and running. No. They are off having fun downtown the night before.

Two: The hubs and my friends had me standing in the middle of the road trying to pose like the Heisman trophy. I didn’t even do it right.


4 miles. 32:09


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